Pilot: a certified company

the environment at the heart of our concerns

In order to continually improve our environmental policy, maintain its credibility, PILOT decided in 2006 to follow certification procedures for both our manufacturing processes and distribution channels, as well as for the design of our products.

All PILOT products distributed in Europe come from our own factory. This allows us to better control all stages of product manufacturing, and therefore our environmental impact. This site, as well as all of our Japanese factories, are ISO 14001 certified. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) takes into account the different ways we impact on our environment (use of materials, risk of pollution...) in order to minimize harmful impact as much as possible.

This continuous improvement has allowed us to obtain the highly selective EMAS certification. This European certification obtained in 2012 will allow us to go further identifying new sources of improvement.

As for the products themselves, the entire BEGREEN range meets the requirements of ISO 14021 standards for environmental communication. It's a sign of our commitment to being transparent about how green the products of the BEGREEN range.

In addition, the B2P Ball-point, the latest of our products has obtained the NF Environment eco-mark. The attainment of NF Environment demonstrates the environmental excellence of this product as well as its innovative respect for the environment.