Whiteline RT - White - Begreen

EAN code 4902505346194



Making a mistake is always a pain, but correcting it needn't be. The BEGREEN WHITELINE RT makes correction as easy as drawing a line, and is also incredibly good for the environment. Made from 88% recycled plastics, and with a refillable cartridge, this low-impact correction tape can be used over and over again. Simply lay down a line of tape over your mistake, and the BEGREEN WHITELINE RT is ready to write over immediately; no more waiting for correction fluid to dry. The BEGREEN WHITELINE RT is also retractable, keeping the tape out of harm's way when not being used. So what are you waiting for? Get one NOW!

* Recycled material rate excluding consumables (cartridges, ink, refill or leads).

Whiteline RT - White - Begreen
Refill for Whiteline RT