State of the art technology

Since its creation in 1918 to modern times PILOT has continually innovated and pushed the boundaries of the technology applied to writing instruments. Today PILOT is one of the only manufacturers in the world able to perform all the stages necessary in developing a writing instrument. This is due to a particularly successful research and development department, an integrated design department, a powerful manufacturing facility and a sales network spread throughout continent in the world.

This production integration strategy has led PILOT to set up manufacturing facilities all over the world. Each one of them specialises entirely in a product range in order to optimise its technological expertise.



Product development to manufacturing of our fountain pens, mechanical pencils, printer related products, precision devices and jewellery are integrated at this plant.






This plant integrates precision machining and mass production of ball point pens, water based ink ball point pens and pencil leads.







The Pilot Ink Co. are our experts in the chemical technology of inks. Liquid ink and the thermosensitive ink used in the FriXion family were developed here








This factory specialises in the manufacturing of the European flagships products: V5, V7, G1, G2, G2 Pixie, Fineliner and the award-winning B2P.