The excellence of the inks

"Over the years, PILOT has developed a wide range of exclusive and specific inks. The brand's chemical engineering expertise and significant investments in research, have allowed us to offer you five major ink technologies, which have today become a vital part of the writing market. "

Thermosensitive Ink
 A new generation of gel ink which turns invisible with the application of heat. Initially coloured (black, blue, red...) the thermo-sensitive ink becomes transparent above 60°C. Thermo-sensitive ink pens therefore have a special "eraser stud" which allow the paper to be heated quickly without damaging it. Conversely, a temperature below than -10°C makes the ink reappear. Changes can be made as many times as you wish.

It is important to take care of your documents after using FriXion – not overexposing them to heat sources, and not leaving them for example in the car on a hot day or near a heater. However, if you do accidentaly erase your work then, a temperature of under -10°C makes the ink reappear - try putting your documents in the freezer, for example! Pilot recommends that you never write with thermo-sensitive ink pens for signing or completing official documents such as exams.
To find responses to questions concerning the utilisation of FriXion pens and thermo-sensitive ink, have a look at our “FAQ” section.

This ink is used in our FriXion pens, which has been hugely popular with. Take a look at our FriXion range of thermo-sensitive ink pens.


Advanced oil-based ink
Advanced oil-based ink is the modern version of paste ink currently used in ballpoint pens. Soft and fluid, it provides the speed and writing comfort required for modern expression. See advanced oil-based ink pens.

Liquid Ink
Liquid ink is made from a dye molecule suspended in water, which gives it an unrivalled fluidity, density and brilliance. When coupled with the PILOT ink regulator, liquid ink flows smoothly until the very last drop providing the same excellent line quality throughout. Today, this ink is available in refillable cartridges for some rollerball models. See liquid ink rollerballs.


Gel Ink
The fluidity of gel ink is positioned somewhere between paste and liquid ink. The cartridge is sealed with a paraffin plug. PILOT has one of the largest ranges of coloured gel ink on the market with 24 bright, metallic and pastel colours. See gel inks pens.