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What’s new for 2024

New Limited Edition

Dive into the epic world of Naruto Shippuden with our latest collaboration. Try out FriXion, the pens that write smoothly, erase easily and rewrite instantly.

Available in FriXion Ball and in FriXion Ball Clicker black, blue, red, all erasable & refillable!

Available from June 1st


New FriXion Zone

Discover the new Frixion premium pen with exclusive and patented erasable Pilot ink for an incomparably clean writing performance. The perfect pen to accompany you, wherever you work.

  • Smooth writing with vivid ink colours
  • Soft touch and comfortable grip
  • Discreet clicking sound
  • Longer writing performance and more intense color, with metal refill technology
  • Available in 4 colours

New Acroball 1000

Combining style and performance is now possible with the new premium Acroball 1000.

  • The first Acroball premium ballpoint pen
  • Elegant and slim design
  • Refillable product – more economical and environment-friendly.
  • Retractable tip: a pen ready in one click- no more lost caps
  • Available in 6 trendy colours for all style requirements.

New FriXion Ball Stick

Introducing the NEW FriXion erasable rollerball pen with a compact and minimal design, available in 12 bright and vibrant colors.

  • Frixion Ball Sticks, like all pens that use the special thermo-senstive ink, allows you to write, erase and rewrite effortlessly.
  • Its 0.7 mm diameter tip is resistant to drops and shocks, offering smooth writing without smudging.

  • Perfect for all your note taking, homework and activities at home, summary sheets, diary or textbooks.

  • Available in 12 vibrant colours, all erasable.

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