everyone has the power to write their world…

Handwriting has always been a powerful driver at school, it’s a crucial step in life to enter the world of knowledge by learning and memorising.

Whether it’s for homework, note-taking, diaries, tests or drawing there is a Pilot for every occasion


of kids take notes in class at least several times a week


of kids have written tests at least several times a week

6 hours

Average time of homework per week


of kids draw at least several times a week


of kids fill in their diaries at least several times a week


The perfect pen for school: write, erase, rewrite!

Handwriting benefits at school

  • Handwriting enhances learning and academic success.
  • Handwriting facilitates the acquisition of reading skills.
  • Handwriting develops analytical skills.
  • Handwriting helps memorization.
  • Handwriting helps us think out of box.
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